The city government has launched a new Safe Access Oahu program containing new requirements for guest entry to all restaurants and events, including our own, Chief’s Luau. Anyone who arrives without proper documentation will, unfortunately, be denied entry, subject to no refunds. Please confirm that you have everything you need for a smooth experience.

Upon Arrival:

  • Have Photo IDs in hand ready to show the luau staff (minors under 18 without an ID, just confirm their date of birth)
  • Have your Safe Travels QR Code page open on your phone or tablet as displayed upon your airport arrival.
    • Log into your TRAVEL.HAWAII.GOV dashboard.
    • Click on the 1st icon (airplane)
    • Checkmarks must all be green, no red checkmarks (see sample QR code page below).
    • The names next to the QR Code must match IDs.
    • Important: The QR Code from an email is not sufficient. It must be the page from the actual TRAVEL.HAWAII.GOV login

If you DON’T have a Safe Travels login, but you DO have a valid U.S.-issued Vaccination Card or a Negative Test taken within the last 48 hours, then…

  • VACCINATION CARD (see sample below)
    • Must be U.S.-issued
    • Must display legal name
    • Must show both Pfizer or Moderna doses (or the 1 J&J)
    • Dates the doses were taken
    • Lot #’s
    • Confirm final dose was taken at least 15 days prior to luau entry
    • Type of Test: Must be Antigen, Antibody, PCR, or NAAT.
    • Must show your legal name & date of birth and match your ID
    • Must show that the test was taken within 48 hrs prior to luau entry
    • Must show a negative result
    • If the test result reads TNP (test not performed) or Inconclusive, it is notvalid.

Safe Travels QR Code Page from Travel.Hawaii.Gov Login

safe travels qr code sample

Sample Covid-19 Vaccination Record Card

covid vaccination card sample

Additional Information