marriott pickup location map


Waikiki Beach Marriott outside of the “Tour Lobby” area on Paoakalani Ave. Be outside by the street.

Helpful Hints

✅ YES: The “Tour Lobby” is on Paoakalani Ave, near Kuhio Ave, 1/4 mi from the ocean. You want to wait outside of the hotel’s “Tour Lobby” entrance. Look for a green bus anywhere on Paoakalani Ave.  Parking on Paoakalani can be challenging.
❌ NO: Don’t wait inside the hotel. Don’t be at Marriott’s Ohua Ave. entrance. If you can see the ocean from where you’re standing, you’re on the wrong end of the Marriott. You need to get to Paoakalani Ave and walk one very long block away from the ocean almost to the end of the hotel, just before Kuhio Ave.



Your Bus:

roberts bus